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our dream

We dream to one day multiply New Story locations across Canada; partnering with existing Christian camps and retreat centers, sharing resources and working together. 

why donate?

Addiction recovery is hard. Being an Indigenous woman struggling with substance abuse is hard. Finding and accessing resources is hard. Finding a welcoming church is hard. Finding good work is hard. Finding safe, affordable,  supportive housing is hard.  Affording nutritious food is hard.


When all these are added together, it is not hard: it is impossible.

New Story Community removes these barriers. We lift the stress of everyday living from the women and allow them to focus on their healing. Often there are holes in the government support system and we help to fill in the gaps until adequate support is acquired. As the women prepare to graduate we assist them in preparing to live out their new story!

Our financial needs

We invite you to support New Story to help us walk with these brave, beautiful, vulnerable women to a place of healing and flourishing!

will you join us?

$30,000 supports one woman for her entire 7-month healing journey.
$1000 covers the food and household expenses for one month.

$500 covers travel expenses for a month.

How else to be involved?

Connect with us if you have a skill you’d like to offer, physical resources you’d like to donate, ideas you’d like to share. We are open to learning, growing and exploring all the ways New Story can actively create New Stories. 

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